Sunday, 27 September 2020


Invitation to B.O.D


Athens, 25.06.2019

Pursuant to Article 17 of the articles of Association, the Board of Directors of the Association called "Hellenic Blockchain Association", based on Parnithos 1 & Ginosati 51, 144-52 Metamorphosis, in this case the Interim Management Committee, invites all regular members to take part in the work of the General Assembly which will be held on July 6th 2019, at 12:00 pm on Saturday at the office of the Association on Parnithos 1 & Ginosati 51 str in Metamorphosis.

The agenda of the meeting will be:

A) announcement of appointments for appointment of a final Board of Directors for three years, determination of the date, time and place of their conduct.

B) Election of the electoral committee

All regular members who are cash-settled, either in person or through a representative- another cash-settled member, or by video conference, have the right to attend the General meeting.
Each cash-settled regular member of the Association may represent at the General Assembly only one other cash-settled member.
Regular members will be encouraged by email to instruct them to participate in the video conference.


    THE PRESIDENT                                                                          THE SECRETARY

Poula Irini                                                                             Stremmenos Spyridon