Sunday, 27 September 2020


Goals & Objectives of Hellenic Blockchain Association

Hellenic Blockchain Association is a non-profit institution. The main purposes of creating the Hellenic Blockchain Association as described in the official statutes are as follows:

1. The study, dissemination and promotion of blockchain technology in the public and private sector for the benefit of the National economy and society.

2. The promotion of the role and utility of blockchain technology in the national economy and society in general.

3. The creation of a Greek institution that will bring together creative people, members of the research and academic community and their ideas regarding the application of blockchain technology.

4. Supporting innovative efforts to promote blockchain technology in the public and private sectors for the benefit of the national economy and society.

5. The promotion of blockchain technologies in sectors of the economy and society.

6. The development of initiatives in the field of research and development of blockchain technology.

7. Performing social actions using this technology.

8. Technical and scientific support of universities in Greece and abroad for the development of blockchain technology and its applications.

9. The advice to natural or legal persons in the public or private sector as national, European and international level regarding the use of blockchain technology.

10. Supply free exchange of scientific information and free movement of ideas.

11. Education and training of the members of the Association on blockchain technology and its evolution.

12. The creation of an official body of legality and transparency in Greece and Europe as well as internationally for the control, certification and transparency of blockchain-based products such as initial coin offering (ICO), cryptocurrencies, tokens and exchanges to protect citizens and consumers from blockchain products whose purpose of creation is not realistic but designed to deceive investors, consumers and public bodies.

13. The exploitation of the research carried out to develop this technology and to check the legality and compliance of blockchain product specifications to avoid unlawful activities.

14. The promotion and execution of any other action that is relevant to the purposes of the association.